Glenwood to Amity 182 Landing

This route is 8 miles of river where the rapids become tamer and the pools lengthen.  The good gravel bars along the riverbanks make excellent primitive campsites for overnight trippers.  Takes 4-7 hours. Available on Sunday-Friday. This one is not available on Saturday's during May-August.

Reservations & Deposits

State River Laws

Recommended Floating Routes

Caddo Gap to Glenwood: 

This is our most popular float by far!  It is 7.5 miles and takes approximately 4-5 hours. Most convenient route. 

​When the water is too low for the Caddo Gap route above, we use an alternate low water route that is 4 miles long. It is $5 higher per boat.


1st Day Rental

$43 each

$38 for 5+

Including life jackets, paddles, the standard 7-8 mile shuttle, and tax!

*$48 each for low water route


2nd Day Rental

$33 flat rate per canoe

For floaters who paddle a 2nd day with us.

​*$38 each for low water route

Please click on the link below to be sure you're familiar with the things you can and can not have on the river.  We do provide each floater with life jackets and mesh bags.

"Great time”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed August 27, 2015

Rented inner tubes and floated down the Caddo River. They will pick you up and take you back to your car. Would highly recommend. Small rapids and it was not deep. You could see the bottom alot of the time. There were places to get out and rest. It was really enjoyable.

Rental Rates

Our Prices Include Tax

Narrows to Glenwood typical route rate is $20 for 1st boat. Each boat after that on the same invoice is only $10 each.  Taking alternate routes or multiple routes will add additional charges.  Please call to price.

* The alternate low water route adds $5 per boat to rates below.

Do you have your own Canoe? No problem, we provide shuttles at a fair rate.

For friends and family, church and scout groups, beginners and experts alike, all will enjoy the Caddo.  The river has several really good swimming holes, and places to fish along the way, but Class I and II rapids are frequent and help do much of the "paddling" for you.  In the late summer you may have to do more of the paddling yourself, but generally the Caddo stays a pretty good float, and in fact it's one of the most consistent flooding rivers in Arkansas. 


Caddo River Camping and Canoe

Reservations are recommended for the weekends.  Reservations may be made by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week.  Leave a message if we cant get to the phone and we will call you back shortly.  A visa or master card is needed to hold the boats for you, but will not be charged in advance.  There will be a $10 per boat late cancel or no show fee charged if you cancel less than 24 hours before the date of the reservation.

Canoes will only be held until 11 am of the reserved date unless we are notified of a later arrival time. 

NOTE: All paddling times given are approximate and will vary according to weather, water conditions, and the progress paddlers make down the river.  You may spend as long as you like paddling and enjoying your trip, but we do require all one-days trip to return rented equipment before 6:00 p.m. or a $25 per boat late fee is charged.  Please plan your progress accordingly. 

Norman to Caddo Gap

This route is 8 miles and can only be floated when the water is 6 ft. or above.  The flow can be very fast and difficult for unexperienced paddlers.  At normal water levels, the flow will be insufficient.  Takes 3-5 hours. 

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