Caddo River Camping and Canoe

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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: "I have my own vessel. Why can't I use your facilities for free? Why won't you transport my boat for free? Why can't I camp on your property for free? Why can't I ride your bus for free? Why can't I park for free?"

ANSWER: There's no such thing as a free ride. Caddo River Camping & Canoe is a privately owned, for-profit facility. We make all our land & business payments, taxes, and living by providing services, equipment, and grounds use for a FEE (not for free). We have lots of expenses including land payments, insurance, payroll, taxes, fuel, vehicle insurance, electricity, water, vehicle upkeep, tires, road maintenance, insurance, lawn care, grounds maintenance etc. These all cost us money. If you don't want to pay for the use of our properties, facilities use, and services, there are multiple PUBLIC access locations that you can use for free! We've listed them for you below.


Norman Public Access (N 34° 27' 34.10" / W 093° 41' 35.19") off SH 8 in Norman on river left.

Caddo Gap Public Access (N 34° 24' 00.44" / W 093° 37' 18.58") on river left. On Manfred Rd. In Caddo Gap, Arkansas.

Glenwood City Park Public Access (N 34° 19' 14.06" / W 093° 32' 29.47") on 3rd Street in Glenwood, Arkansas, south of US Hwy. 70. Take-out on river left at the little City Park.

SH 182 (N 34° 17' 24.15" / W 093° 27' 31.48") north of Amity on river right just below bridge.