Do you have your own Kayak?  No problem as we provide shuttle at a fair rate!  Caddo Gap to Glenwood is $20 for the first boat $10 for each boat after that on the same invoice.  This price includes access/launch fees, shuttle, parking, and taxes already. Let us make it simple for you!

*Taking alternate routes or multiple routes will add additional charges.  Please call to price in advance. 

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Kayak Rental Rates


Standard Kayaks

$32 Each

$27 for 5+

Including life jacket, paddle, the standard 7-8 mile shuttle, and all taxes

* Alternate low water route $37 each

2nd Day Rental
$25 flat rate per kayak
For floaters who paddle a second day with us when pre-paid with 1st day
Tandem Kayak

$50 each

$45 for 5+

Accommodates 2 people including life jacket, 2 paddles, standard 7-8 mile shuttle, and of course, all taxes.  *Alternate low water route $55 each
2nd Day Rental
$45 flat rate per kayak
For floaters who paddle a 2nd day when pre-paid with 1st day's rental.

Caddo River Camping and Canoe

For friends and family, church and scout groups, beginners and experts alike, all will enjoy the Caddo River. The river has several really good swimming holes, and places to fish along the way, but Class I and II rapids are frequent and help do much of the "paddling" for you.  In the late summer you may have to do more of the paddling yourself, but generally the Caddo stays a pretty good float.  In fact, it's one of the most consistent floating rivers in Arkansas.  

Kayaks grow more and more popular every year.  They are a great option for kids as they are much easier to handle compared to a canoe.